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"Courteous, professional, prompt, and friendly service.....(no problems)....thank you Staffing Alternatives!"

— Joseph H.-A Lubricant Manufacturer

"We have a long term relationship with Staffing Alternatives. We aren't their biggest far...but they still service our account as if we were. I feel like they only place the type of employees who will work out well for our company. They don't just send "bodies" to fill an order. Quality is more important than Quantity. They prepare candidates well. Their candidates are always on time for their interviews and well prepped with information about our company. Also, they are very reputable. They do business "above board" which is not true of every company in the staffing business."

— Mike F.-A Scientific Manufacturer

"Staffing Alternatives is more than a "temporary employment agency", I see them as a true Business Partner. They took the time to visit our location to understand our business needs and sent a skilled workforce. They have representatives who care about their employees as well as our business. When we needed a secondary provider, they kept us in the loop on the number of employees they were providing per shift until they reached our required number, which was only a couple of days. I must add they were able to fulfill our 3rd shift requirement quickly, which is not an easy endeavor. I would highly recommend SA for your future business needs. PS.. Nick Martinelli is the best!"

— Cynthia C.-A Display Company

"Excellent communication and customer service........great partnership."

- Mark A.-A Home Good Distributor


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